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Welcome, Chum

Hey thanks for checking out my site. Hereís the deal with me:

In 1975, the movie Jaws came out and I became obsessed with it. I drew about a hundred pictures of Great White sharks. Being in kindergarten, this was an odd thing. Nevertheless, Jaws is why I got into movies. Itís why I act. Itís why I ended up in this completely carnivorous industry.

Because of Jaws, I fell in love with blood and guts. Even at that age, I knew this was weird. I didnít care. Blood and guts led me to horror movies. So I stayed up late and watched everything HBO put on. Including Nunzio, which wasnít so much a horror movie as it was a movie about a charming retard. Anyway, in 1979, I saw The Brood. Those little monsters stole weeks of sleep from me. I was sold: Horror was the shit. That revelation led me to Stephen King. Stephen King is the reason I started writing.

Then I got older and wanted to be cool. I discovered Bruce Lee, took tae kwon do, wore acid-wash jeans. An engraved vanity plate on my Mercury Zephyr let people know I was the Italian Stallion. Clearly, this was when, unbeknownst to me, my knack for comedy was born.

Sometime later, Peckinpah films showed up at my doorstep. Suddenly, blood, guts, and being cool all got rolled into one. Everything came full circle. I loved the guys Sam put in his movies - Oates, especially. The Pat Garrett poster is on my wall, hanging over my head right now. Thereís a line in it I live by. Mainly because itís true, but also because James Coburn sounds so fucking badass when he growls it. If you ever see the movie, youíll know what Iím talking about.

So those movies are the trifecta, the biggies for me. I figure if youíre here, youíre interested. But maybe youíre just here for the resume, in which case:

Enjoy the site. You wonít need a bigger boat.



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